Posted on November 20th, 2012

India is a beautiful country and it fascinated me in many ways when I was there. I learned many things and was shocked by a few. But nothing prepared me for what I saw dripping down from my hotel’s sink and showerhead: dark brackish water with worms! The scene (with me squirming) was definitely one from a horror movie.

I didn’t get mad at the hotel or was turned off. It didn’t ruin my holiday at all but that simple (yet very shocking) episode in my life got me to thinking about many things, particularly about water, water filters, water supply, and life on earth.

If you think about it, there won’t be life on earth without water. This is one important ingredient (along with oxygen) that’s missing in the other planets and which makes them unable to sustain life. As a child I was surprised to learn that our planet is actually 3/4 water and just a fourth dry land. Now that I am grownup, what’s more surprising to learn is that about 780 million people don’t have access to clean potable water.

Also, more than 3 million people die each year from water-related diseases. This to me is mindboggling since I only experience stomach discomfort from drinking bad water. I guess in other parts of the world water problems and water contamination are much, much worse. In my home, water filters are just to keep me safe from minor discomforts, but in many developing countries, these simple water-cleansing gizmos could save millions of people.

Water-related diseases that led to deaths are mostly due to dirty and contaminated water, and 99% of that many deaths happened in developing countries.

I saw that kind of water coming out of my own hotel sink and showerhead. The hotel manager explained to me that there were road constructions nearby and that they may have accidentally damaged the pipes. Thinking back, I wonder if the homes around my hotel experienced seeing the same dirty water and perhaps drank it anyway since they had no other choice.

Water filters aren’t very expensive and are so easy to install. Saving a few hundreds of thousands of people in developing countries could take very simple efforts like installing home water filters or water purifiers.

Posted on November 20th, 2012

Learn about the world’s water supplies and water-related diseases. Be amazed to know how simple water filters could actually save lives.



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